Pocket Quran

This is a mobile phone application which contains the full text of the Qur’aan along with search, bookmark, and useful navigation features. The most outstanding feature is its support for a wide variety of different mobile phone devices including:

Java-enabled phones

Palm OS 3.5+

Pocket PC 2000+

MS Smartphone 2002

Nokia series 60v3 and 60v1

Nokia 9500 and 9300

UIQ 2 devices

Nokia series 90

Blackberry 3.8+

Onhand devices


Pocket Quran


There are also Mushaf widgets available for:

Yahoo! Widgets Engine

Windows Vista Sidebar

Mac OS X


To download the version suitable for your portable device or your widget engine, visit the following link:

Go to (http://www.pocketquran.com/)


3 thoughts on “Pocket Quran

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