Qur’an Viewer 2.9

Description and Features

1) Contains the entire Qur’aanic text in addition to its transliteration and English interpretation

2) The ability to download additional interpretations in a wide range of different languages

3) The ability to view the content in different ways; you can also create customized views containing up to three texts

4) A Qur’aanic index with references to the locations where certain words are mentioned along with an introduction to each Surah in English

6) The ability to search, copy, easily navigate to and bookmark verses

7) A number of lists including Du’aas from the Qur’aan, a glossary of Islaamic terms, and a list of alternative Surah names

Supported Operating Systems

The software is designed to run on Windows. It may also be tried on Linux using Wine.


You can download the application itself from the following link:

Download Qur'an Viewer 2.9

To download the Hilali/Khan English interpretation click this link:

Download Hilali/Khan english interpretation

To download interpretations in other languages go to the following page and download the package that includes the language you need:

Download Additional Interpretations

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  1. Jazaakallaah khayr for your generous notification. May Allaah reward you for taking the time to inform me about this.

    I have updated the link now.


  2. Jazakallah for your nobel activity. i wish to know is there any feature in software of encyclopedia.

  3. @ inusa Bashir
    Please note that this software is for computers running Windows not for other devices or other operating systems. If you want Qur’an for your Galaxy Note II please download one from the Google Play Store. There are many Qur’an apps in it.

  4. Assalam alaikum.
    I’m happy to locate your website.
    I’ll download the English version for my research.

  5. Assalamualaikum brother, I am not sure if anyone is still monitoring this but how can I get the quraqn recitors to work ?
    also I keep getting an access vilation error

  6. @ TAufiq

    Wa ‘alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah.

    Brother this program has long been discontinued in terms of development, so it is very unlikely to get it all functional and working or to even get support and help in learning how to fix a problem with it. I recommend you use the program Zekr instead:


  7. Dear Brother, I would like to mention that in the new version it still a software bug like as the old version : List index out of bounds (0). It appeasrs vevery 5 minutes. Please advice. Thanks

  8. @ Ramadan Elkott

    Dear brother as far as I know that software has been out of support for many years now, i.e. the author no longer updates it. So if there is a bug in the program nothing can be done about it. I suggest making use of other Qur’an software that are currently alive and being updated like Zekr:

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