Kalimaatul Qur’aan – كَلِمَاتُ القُرْءَانِ

Description and Features

كلمات القرآن (“The Words of the Qur’aan) is a mobile phone application that contains a comprehensive list of words and phrases that are found in the Qur’aan. It offers the following features

1) Arabic interpretation of the words of the Qur’aan adopted from the book كلمات القرآن تفسير وبيان (“The Words of the Qur’aan: An Interpretation and a Clarification”) by Hasanayn Muhammad Makhlooq

2) Automatic search for words as you type

3) The ability to view all the words available for a certain Surat

4) Automatic setting of the phone language to Arabic

5) Onscreen Arabic keyboard for phones that don’t have Arabic support

5) The ability to change font size


Supported Phones

All Java-enabled phones supporting files larger than 440 KB



The application can be downloaded from the following MediaFire link:

Download Kalimaatul Qur'aan


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