Moshaf Tafsir

This is another mobile application containing the whole Qur’aan with Tashkeel and well-set colors. It also includes a simplified Tafseer and you have the ability to run the Qur’aan and the Tafseer either separately or load them both and switch between them by pressing the # key. It also lets you easily navigate to the beginning and end of a Surat as well as navigation by Aayat number.

Moshaf Tafsir

Moshaf Tafsir


The application is free but the registration might be a little troublesome so carefully follow the instructions that you are given when you run the application. It will give you a product key and probably direct you to this link where you provide the key, your e-mail and handset model. You can download the application from this link:

Download Moshaf Tafsir



  1. Assalaamu ‘alaykum, sabitha.

    Sorry for the link error. Now it has been updated and inshaa’Allaah is working.

  2. @ esmael

    This site that doesn’t have frequent updates so currently there is no need for multiple admins.
    May Allah reward you for your intention.

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