The Prophet’s Prayer Described – صِفَةُ صَلاةِ النَّبِيِّ

Description and Features

1) This is the book “صفة الصلاة” (“The Prophet’s Prayer Described”) by Shaykh al-Albanee.

2) It is provided in different forms, including the original book in Arabic, complete and abridged English translations, and a Kurdish translation.

3) An English CHM version contains the verses and Du’as in Arabic images as well, in addition to several other translated books related to prayer.


1) Original Arabic book in PDF

2) Original Arabic text in CHM

3) Complete English translation in CHM

4) Complete English translation in PDF

5) Abridged English translation in PDF

6) Complete Kurdish translation in PDF

7) Abridged Kurdish translation in PDF


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  1. Assalamalikum,
    Thanks for this book but english version is not downloading plz help me or send to my mail zazakallah

  2. Wa ‘alaykumas Salaam wa Rahmatullaah, brother Mohammad.

    Jazaakallaahu khayran for the generous correction. I’ve fixed the linked and inshaa’Allaah now it should be working properly.

  3. Thank You Brother.One request for you can you provide this Book “The Prophet’s Prayer Described” in pdf format it would be more help full to me.


    Mohammad Nahid Fairoz

  4. Alright brother, this is the English translation of the complete book in PDF format:

    It has been obtained from a (.doc) file that was compiled from the following website:

    I believe the Du’aa’ in image format are not in the PDF file so you may return to the above website whenever needed.

    And this is the english translation of the abridged version of the book:

  5. Wa ‘alaykumassalam wa rahmatullah, abdurrahim.

    Right-click on the chm file, then click Properties. In the Properties dialog box click the Unlock button, then click apply then OK. Now open the file.

  6. This is THE book for prayer, yet many people have decided to exclusively follow their one Imam, when the irony is that they themselves had rebuked such an action.

  7. assalamu alaikun, jazakumullahu hairan. I’m unable to download the complete english translation of the “the prophet prayer explained.
    Can u pls send me a link through which i can do dat. assalamu alaikum.

  8. I am not able to download the original Arabic Book in pdf. Please help me with the link. Thank you

  9. Assalamalikum,
    Thanks for this book .A kind request can this is available in Urdu format if yes then plz mail me the link

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