MuslimBag – حَقِيبَةُ المُسْلِم

Description and Features

1) This is a huge index of online resources of Qur’aan recitations, Islaamic lectures, videos, flash filesNasheeds, software, books, a huge Fatwaa bank, Islamic TV channels, and others [mainly in Arabic.]

2) You have the ability to play media files (all audio and video files) directly within the program itself.

3) You have the ability to download individual files using the program itself, or copy the download links to download the files using your own download manager, or to place multiple files at queue to download simultaneously.

4) A handy search capability is provided to find what you need in the vast amount of items in the program.

5) The ability to add files to a favorites section and to save your current location and start off from the same place next time you run the program.


You can download the program from the publisher’s website:

Download MuslimBag

Additional Requirements

According to the publisher website, you also need two other components for the program to run:

1) RealPlayer Codec:

You can obtain this either by installing RealPlayer itself or by installing the RealPlayer Alternative.

2) Flash Player ActiveX:

You can download the plugin at FileHippo.



  1. Assalamou 3alaykoum

    I’m experiencing prob with the muslimbag setup on windows 7 32 Bits (i’m administrator)

    When i run the setup file,

    1) – I have a registration prob with the DAO.dll
    2) – I have a prob with the msxml.ddl (loadlibrary)

    Could you please help me ?

    Best regards.

  2. @ mouhsine

    Wa 3alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah.

    I tried to find a new version of the software but the designer website is down and I couldn’t find a working link for any new versions. Plus I tried installing it on my Windows 8 but my Antivirus deleted it immediately.

    But just to make sure have you installed Real Player Code and Flash Player ActiveX on your system prior to installing MuslimBag?

    Otherwise I’m sorry I cannot help with this. Perhaps it is also time that I delete this post itself.

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