AdblockPlus: Remove Internet Ads [for Chrome]

Description and Features

AdblockPlus is a very efficient free service for blocking internet advertisements. It hides advertisements and the location that they occupy on the page, as though they didn’t exist in the first place.

Supported Browsers

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome


Step 1

Using Chrome, visit the following link:

Step 2

1. A pop-up bar will appear the bottom of the Chrome window. Click ‘Continue‘ to allow Chrome to download the Adblock Plus extension.

2. A pop-up box will appear, asking you to allow Chrome to install the Adblock Plus extension. Click ‘Install‘.

Step 3

1. Click the settings icon to the right of the address bar in Chrome, then go to ‘Tools‘ -> ‘Extensions‘.

2. A new tab will open in Chrome, showing your installed extensions. Find the Adblock Plus extension and click its ‘Options‘ link.

3. A new tab will open in Chrome, showing a list of checkbox items. These are lists of websites that you can tell Adblock Plus to block. If you mainly visit English websites, choose English lists, and likewise for other languages. Make sure to include the Fanboy’s list.


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