Arabic Almanac – Arabic-English Dictionaries with Searching (Lane’s, Hans Wehr, Hava)

Description and Features

1. This web application, prepared by website, provides fast and easy access to the three most popular Arabic-English dictionaries (Lane’s Lexicon, Hans Wehr, and Hava) which are arranged by word roots.

2. The web service allows you to search for word roots, and it will immediately take you to the relevant page (or very close to it) in each of the three dictionaries.

3. You can even search using English (Roman) letters and it will automatically change them into their corresponding Arabic letters. So typing in (ams) will search for (أمس). This is useful if you can’t type Arabic letters for some reason.

4. You can use keyboard shortcuts to explore the website; this makes using the service even better.

5. An excellent feature in it is the ability to download the entire website in a zipped format, so that you can use it on any possible system out there that supports HTML pages and JavaScript (including iOS devices).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Supported OSs

Basically any system or browser that supports HTML pages and JavaScript. This includes (but is probably not limited to) Firefox (desktop), Internet Explorer 7/8/9, Opera (Desktop and Mobile), Google Chrome, Android devices (mostly), iOS devices (works very nicely on the iPad using GoodReader), and most smartphones and tablets. Try it yourself to see if it works. All you need is a folder/web browser that supports HTML and JavaScript.


1. To access and use the service online, visit this link:

2. To download for offline use, use this link:

[Alternative link:]



  1. Salam Uwais Iqbal.

    May Allah reward you for building that application. iA I will install and try it later on.

  2. @ Omar Jahangir

    Wa ‘alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah.

    Jazakallah khair for sharing this. Insha’Allah in the near future I will do some renovations to the blog and add this link as well.

    Barakallah feek.

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