IslamQA Fatwas for iPhone/iPod and iPad (Offline)

Opening screen of the iPhone/iPod version of the appDescription and Features

1. This is an iOS app designed for iPhone/iPod with a special version for the iPad, containing all the fatwas of, a website supervised by Muhammad Salih al-Munajjid.

2. The application contains all the fatwas of the website in 11 languages. You can select a language to display all the fatwas available in it.

3. The fatwas are classified under categories and subcategories for easy access.

4. You can search for words in both the title of the fatwas as well as the content of the fatwas. You can also bookmark multiple fatwas to save them under a ‘Favorites’ section.

5. As new fatwas are added to the website, they can be downloaded right within the app itself without any need for an update from the App Store.

Supported OSs

iPhone/iPod and a special version for the iPad


The iPhone/iPod version:


The iPad version:


Note: If you get an error with the above links, just search for “islamqa” in the iTunes Store section in iTunes to find the apps.




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