– Sabily, the Islaamic Ubuntu




  1. AsSalaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barkaatuhu,

    Thank you Brother ! I really love your blog keep updating it! Ma’shaAllah it rocks!!
    And May Allah Azz wa Jall reward you Abundantly.Aameen. ALso Brother I have request can you add some softwares which help learn Arabic , it would be great…I hope you upload more softwares and other resources which help people learn Arabic InshaAllah.
    AsSalaamu alaykum.

  2. Wa ‘alaykum as Salaam wa Rahmatu Allaah wa Barakaatuhu.

    Jazaaka Allaahu khayran for your comment and your suggestion brother. I have kind of been slow in updating the blog lately but inshaa’Allaah I will try my best to find time to make it a better resource. You made a great suggestion about adding software to aid in learning Arabic. I never thought about that but inshaa’Allaah I will try to find some good free ones for this purpose.

    Wa ‘alaykum as Salaam.

  3. Assalaamu Allayikum,

    The Sabily team is proud to announce the release of the new version of Sabily 11.04, codename “Badr”.

    What’s new:
    – New “Badr” pictures and wallpapers, new plymouth and GDM themes
    – unity and unity 2D available on the DVD, but ubuntu classic (gnome 2) set by default
    – new Firefox persona

    New applications:
    – islamic-date: extension for the Iceweasel/Firefox web browser that displays Hijri date
    – zakat-calc: Sabily Zakat provides zakat calculations for Muslims
    – gufw: easy to use Ubuntu Firefwall
    – desktopnova (replacing wallpaper-tray)
    – autoKey: to avoid typing frequently encountered words
    – recordmydesktop: record desktop sessions to a video file (Ogg-Theora-Vorbis file)
    – anki: extensible flashcard learning program

    New from Ubuntu 11.04:
    – Unity desktop
    – Firefox 4
    – LibreOffice (replacing OpenOffice)
    – Banshee (replacing Rhythmbox)
    – Linux Kernel 2.6.38 (with the “wonder 200 lines” patch now included by default)

  4. Wa ‘alaykumassalam wa rahmatullah.

    Jazakallah khayr for informing me about this. I’m currently in a time of examinations and won’t be able to update the review for the next month. But insha’Allah I will do it when I get the time to.

    May Allah bless the team’s efforts and accept from them their deeds.

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