The following is a list of other websites offering Islaamic services. Listing these websites does not necessarily mean that everything they offer is endorsed and/or is correct:


– IslamHouse


This is a website aimed at spreading Islaam based on the Qur’aan and the Sunnah in various formats, including books, audio, articles, Fataawaa, and video in more than 70 languages.




This one is a massive resource of materials on various Islamic topics. They host series of Islamic TV programs, audio lectures, video lectures, CD packages, software, and many more materials. The video/audio materials are usually provided in multiple formats and most of them are direct links. The content is mainly in Arabic but they also have English materials.


– Kalamullah

This website is a huge library of Islaamic books, audio lectures, video lectures, and articles.


– QuranClub


A website of daily doses of knowledge and inspiration for the modern Muslim.


– Crescentrating


Crescentrating is a growing website that was launched to help the Muslim travelers choose “Halaal-friendly” travel facilities and services when they plan their trips. They have their own ratings, based on defined standards, of Hotels and other facilities, thus allowing Muslims to make an educated choice in their travels.


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